Thursday, September 24, 2009



So, last 4 hours of funk, Osagie played a Joe Bataan track that I've been bumping ever since. This is what Dusty Groove America said about it:

"Joe recorded the album at the Daptone Studios in New York -- so the sound of the set is spot-on all the way through -- perfectly recorded to bring out the soul in Joe's music, and handled with some great touches that make the instrumentation as wonderful as Joe's classic-styled vocals!"

I couldn't agree more with the line about the classic-styled vocals. The song came on, and after mentioning how dope it was to my friend, he commented that it sounded like Joe Bataan and said something to the effect of "He's got that voice." Call my name is my favorite track, but to be honest I havn't listened to that much else haha, I've been stuck on that track. But enough talking, here is the album, enjoy!


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