Tuesday, April 27, 2010



Growing up in the NY capital district there was a long running underground hip hop show called The Main Event with Dj Toast and a slew of other dope Dj's. Every new years they would play all the old school jams and this particular track by Masta Ace always got requested. The beat on this by Marley Marl is sick as hell. "Letter To The Better" was a serious party starter in the late 80's in the same vein as Big Daddy Kane's "Raw", Cash Money & Marvelous etc. so don't thing that theirs no significance here. I also remember this Japanese kid jocking me like crazy when he saw me buying the 12". With that said I can only assume that the promo 12" with the Ace & Action name on it and not Masta Ace is rather sought after. Sorry for the shitty image.


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