Wednesday, September 1, 2010


On Friday September 10th we are stoked to be sharing the night with members of THE NEW YORK BLUE FUNK ORCHESTRA. We will be playing records, acapellas and samples over their live drums. You always see drummers performing on the streets of most cities but believe me when I say that these guys are the real deal. You can tell just by how well they keep time and heck, they're going on tour with Pharrell no more than a week after their performance at 4HOF so that alone should be a good indication of how tight these guys are.

Above here is a quick video of two of the members in a NY subway station using only buckets, bongos, cowbells and a small cymbal (on the 10th they will have the same setup only with a full drum set). Those rhythms seriously give me goosebumps.
So by all means this next edition of 4 HOURS OF FUNK is truly something not to be missed!

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