Friday, December 31, 2010


The first really inspiring musical experience I ever had was seeing the awesome movie "Stop Making Sense" where the Talking Heads do a totally life changing concert in NYC for 2 hours. At 5yo I used to set up toy instruments, watch the movie and basically pretend to play along with them. The music and energetic performance would give me chills and goosebumps all over. This experience continues to stay with me forevermore. I owe all my musical attributes to the Talking heads. They made music to tap into your body's sensations and in the movie they play with an equal ensemble of black musicians such as Bernie Worrell from Parliament, Alex Wire from The Brothers Johnson, Edna Holt and Dolette McDonald who had major underground dance hits in the early 80's and Steven Scales who although uncredited played drums on a few dance records as well. Having black and white musicians performing on stage together without the an outwardly kitschy "unity" theme attached made a big statement. The theme here was collectively participating in a powerful musical message far removed from the idea of race.

My favorite part was when they switched from Talking Heads to The Tom Tom Club and performed their current hit "Genius Of Love" which has always been my #1 fav song. Talk about getting goose bumps! Bernies synth solo where they turn on the strobe light would send a surge through me. Just check the video and you will understand. Later on I realized that the song was basically about drugs but also pays homage to black music (they cite Bob Marley, Sly & Robbie, James Brown and Bohannon to name a few).

To download here is a special re-edit of the songs performance in the movie. There's a mixable intro and the break towards the end I extended as well. Hope you dig this because it marks a major place for music in my life.

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