Sunday, August 30, 2009



RANDOM RAP ALERT!!!! There is a recent trend of people spending upwards to $500 on obscure Baltimore hip hop. Dj Class's "Class Is In Session" is the heaviest piece so far but if that's the case than you collectors might want to listen up because Dj Precise put his Ep out before Class and this is also one of the first Baltimore Club record, predating even Scottie B's "I Got Rhythm"(even though Scottie's track sounds better and was actually labeled as "Baltimore Club Music" first). The sound quality is a bit rough here but you have to consider that these beats were made on an ASR 10 and recorded to a DAT tape without a good mixdown. "I Don't Think Your Going To Make It" Features rapper Marty Cash who I have no info on. There isn't even much info on Dj Precise as he was locked up around the time this record was released. "I Don't Think" is home made hip hop at its best and the other song I included "In Mochen" is a super rough(and RAVE-E) club track that sounds like and early 4 Hero or Ragga Twins song. Overall the music will give you a sense of what was going on in Baltimore in the early 90's and how far club music has gone since then. Stay cool because I have more early Baltimore hip hop to post.


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