Saturday, September 12, 2009



This is a pretty bugged out album. The b-side can be hard to listen to with its intense arrangements and frantic drumming from the main man himself, Alphonze Mouzon. Alphonze is an incredibly fast funk and jazz drummer who's drum fills rival even that of Bernard Purdie (don't quote me on this). Its pretty amazing to think that he was arranging all this music as well as playing drums, keyboards, piano, synths and singing vocals. Not too many artists were taking on so much in the 70's. There's a bunch of great funk jams on Funky Snake Foot, however for me I can't get past some of the vocals which are on most of them. That's the reason why I have the title track "Funky Snakefoot" here for download. The song is totally instrumental with a dope break in the beginning that I took the liberty to extend a few more bars. Watch out for the Funky Snakefoot!


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