Saturday, September 12, 2009




This Groove Committee ep is one of those house 12" were every song on it is a bonofied classic. Nu Groove released this in 1991 and its also one of the harder Nu Grooves to find because who in their right mind would ever part with it! Instead of putting up all the songs (which I would never EVER! do) I chose to give you "Rain On Me" which is an awesome remix of Don Ray's deep disco classic "Standing In The Rain" and "Lets All Chant" by Michael Zagger. "Standing In The Rain" was a popular song at clubs like NJ's Zanzibar, NYC's Paradise Garage, Better Days and David Mancuso's Loft. Lucky you because I have both tracks to download so you can get busy playing the sampled joint with the remix. By the way, Groove Committee is NYC house Producer/Dj extrordinair Victor Simonelli who is still doing it for the house community to this day. You can learn more about him and his music at

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