Sunday, October 4, 2009



Fleg and I were digging a while back when I found all these mid 70's disco 12's. Unfortunately the really good ones were warped. Luckily the 12" for Undisputed Truth's "Going Down To The Disco" was ok. The track is a nine minuet disco funk masterpiece. Half way through the song fades out and suddenly the chorus acapella comes in to signal the start of the funky break. Its got these arpegated synths that swirl around the beats causing a real hypnotic and striped down groove. Next thing you know they drop some extra bass on the kick drum and in come the strings followed by the second coming of the full arrangement. I dont think the song was ever on an Ultimate Breaks comp so unless you get the 12" this might be the only place to get the whole extended version. Lucky You!


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