Sunday, October 4, 2009



Heres another Baltimore random rap piece that I think should easily become a pricy ebay spectacle sometime soon. This 12" has two tracks ("Lets Dance" & "Just Gee'n) with both dub and instrumental cuts included. The rapper Junie Jam I have no info on but the beats were produced by the Marx Brothers squad (Dj Spen & Crew). I included "Lets Dance" which is the more uptempo/hip house song of the two. Sure the recording itself could have been better but the beat has tons of hidden details all over. Kind of Like a Dust Brothers production with 4 or more tracks of overdubs included. I get such a warm feeling listening to some of these early B-More cuts. You get the impression that these guys were having tons of fun making these songs. I think you will feel the same and don't forget that I have much more stuff like this to come!


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