Saturday, January 9, 2010



Surprisingly this "Put Our Heads Together" by The O-Jays is a fairly hard 12" to track down. That's really no surprise though because its a classic stomper that was especially well received in Chicago because of heavy play by Dj's like Ron Hardy etc. The song was also sampled by Gene Farris for the 96' house cut "Visions Of The Future". In my mind, Roy Davis Jr and Dj Skull's mix of that song is hands down the greatest disco house track ever made.........That's right, even compared to songs like "Music Sounds Better WIth You" and "Sunshine People". You have to listen for yourself. It seriously bangs.

Back to the original O-Jay's song though it can be said that when "Put Our Heads Together" is played that people can't help but dance. Its a fact. Try it and I swear you will understand. I especially like playing it after "I'm In Love" by Evelyn Champagne King as it has almost the same melody but bumps it up to the next level of hypeness. You can thank Kenny Burke for producing such a fantastic dance song.

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