Sunday, August 30, 2009



You know before Armand Van Helden was making NY house classics on Strictly Rhythm he was living in Boston and put out the two first ever records on the legendary party break label AV8. First was the "Pirates Of The Caribbean" EP which was heavily adopted in early Baltimore Club sets and next came the "Buddah Baboons" EP which was a sort of answer to the sort of hip hop/club tracks(later referred to as party breaks) that Kenny Dope was making at the time. I will say that this EP was a serious secret weapon to any hip hop dj. I covered the labels on my two copies and so did most other people. Each song is effective as shit and cutting up tracks like "Word Up Doc" would kill other dj's at battles. For download I included the Q-Tip, Gangstarr, Eric B & Rakim & Wu Tang sampling "Hot Butter". Your lucky I'm giving this one out suckers!


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