Sunday, August 30, 2009



Here is one of the rarest Tony Humphries and Boyd Jarvis collaborations. "On The Floor(Rock It)" is geeked out to the next level. Its a nine minuet stomper of a track with crazy alien voices and great synth work(performed by Boyd Jarvis of coarse). There's even some nice garage style piano lines included in the mix. There should really be a title for these early Jersey dance tracks. There a little more big room oriented than strait boogie but share a lot of similarities. The intro to the song sounds like they tracked one of the "Faces Drums" tracks that were also used by Mr. Fingers around the same time in Chicago. With an intro like that you really can't call it boogie. Disagree if you like but I will also say that this is a prime example of the fact that Tony and Boyd were making proto-house music at the same time(or before)that of Chicago. There just wasn't really a name put on it besides maybe "garage" and without vocals how can you even call it that. You make the decision.


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